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?Why Web Marinas

We offer you the software tools to your nautical business!

Know what's most modern Marina and Boating Garage management. This solution will deliver operational improvement and cost reduction!
No need for locally based support, investment in equipment or servers. Operation 24 x 7 with access from anywhere or devices (tablets and smartphones). Fully cloud computing.
Web Marinas
With a modern and friendly look&feel, the Web Marinas is a complete solution to administrate your Marina and Boating Garage.
Our system features has an exclusive area for the administrator of the marina and also to your customer.
In private marina area, we have more than 30 features for the administration of the marina.
Check out all the facilities that only the Web Marinas offers on the market.
  1. Client Restricted Area
    Client Restricted Area
    Responsive system allows access on mobile and web devices. Customer access to the data of your vessel and may request services for the Marina.
  2. Marina Private Area
    Marina Private Area
    Restricted area for private administrator or marina employee where you can manage your operation with segregation of duties and profile.
  3. Smart Phone Applications
    Smart Phone Applications
    Customer access the latest applications for Smart Phones. Available on the Apple Store and Google Store.
Main features of the system
With services that deliver the main needs of marinas. Robust, scalable and highly available system!
  1. Back Office
    . Authorization access . Registration of sailors and employees . Sales products . reports . Stock products classified by family and Sub Family
  2. Data Registrations Area
    . Customer Database module . Registration module boats . Authorized Persons to leave with the boat . Home Banking Adress . Shipyards . Boats models
  3. Finance control
    . Accounting book releases . Emission collection . Billing, Billing Status . Debtors tracks, Analytical and Synthetic Revenues and Expenses. . Accounts and Sub-Accounts accounting
  4. Operational Tasks
    . Surveys management . System Configuration . Products for Sale, Inventory Management, Order Control (visitors). . Mandatory insurance and Reviews Management .
  5. Customer Area
    . Access to the system for: . Sea programming descent . Product request . Navigation history . Buyer's Agreement . Registration data of customers and boats . Access the Internet or Smart Phone applications
  6. Navegation Control
    . Schedules trip to the Sea . Browsing history boats . Boats at the Sea . Boats hikes . Engine hours for review

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